Photo Education


One thing that separates photography from other creative mediums is its unique marriage of aesthetics and technology. To make great pictures, photographers require both a sensitive eye and a mastery of the tools that produce photographs.  

For some, learning how to use a digital camera and software to manipulate photos can be very intimidating. Others feel comfortable with technical aspects, but would like to hone their photographic vision and develop a unique perspective. Most people would like to get better in both areas. 

Matthew Baum is a photographer and educator based in the Berkshire foothills in Connecticut. Over the last 15 years, he has had the privilege of teaching photography to a wide range of students from many different backgrounds and skill levels. He has been an adjunct professor of photography at NYU - Tisch School of the Arts, University of California - Davis, the School of Visual Arts and Hunter College; and was also the founder of a photography education program for at-risk youth in collaboration with the Children's Aid Society in New York City. Matthew teaches both technical and critique courses, and has worked with children as young as 10 and adults beyond the age of 80.  

Matthew offers wide range of customized online photo education opportunities; from group and private critiques to one-to-one tutorials focused on Photoshop, Lighteroom and camera basics.